SECO Tools is one of Tri-State’s largest lines. We have been a gold-star distributor for SECO for around 30 years. We value their unwavering dedication to being the forefront company for innovation in the cutting tool industry. Without a doubt, we are confident their product will out test the competition. Let us show you why SECO is the best of the best.

Seco Tools has an established reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of carbide cutting tools. Seco can help you to increase productivity, reduce your costs, improve the supply chains and use the resources the best way possible. Seco provides powerful machining solutions to leading companies around the world. Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Energy and Medical industry solutions are, among many others, where Seco deploys their highly specialized machining competence. Along with Seco reps, Tri-State aims toactively improve your productivity and competitiveness in metal cutting machining. Whether it is turning, milling, holemaking, tooling systems, or specials SECO is the brand for you.

What is the best way to break into SECO or take advantage of some significant cost-savings? Seco’s Productivity Kits are the way to go.

Turning:  Seco’s turning range consists of more than 4,000 coated and uncoated inserts and more than 2,000 toolholders. The products represent one of the most comprehensive ranges available on the market. Seco’s new coating, Duratomic®, has an extreme level of both toughness and wear resistance, and has evolved coated turning inserts dramatically. Duratomic inserts will make it the easy first choice in over 80% of steel and stainless steel turning applications.

General turning, thread turning, and multi-directional turning. View video of multi-directional turning.

Milling: Seco is well-known for its wide, innovative and powerful range of cutters and inserts for milling. Our milling products are suitable for machining almost any work material – from soft steel or easy-to-machine aluminum to difficult-to-machine super alloys.

General milling – view video of milling demonstration.

Copy milling – View Video Demonstration here

Disc milling, face milling, high feed milling, helical milling, square shoulder milling, solid carbide endmills and threadmilling. View video of high-feed milling.  View video of square 6 milling.

Holemaking: Seco’s holemaking concept encompasses drilling, reaming and boring. We know your application is unique, your workpiece material carries special demands, your manufacturing process is custom designed and your hole requirements are individualized. So what can we do to help? We will listen and understand. We will put our R&D, metal cutting expertise, experience, know-how, troubleshooting, service and support at your disposal. Did we forget something? We will provide world-class holemaking tools in order for you to achieve the best productivity possible.

Tooling Systems: Seco has toolholding systems for all leading machine tool interfaces. The toolholder is an important link between the machine spindle and the cutting tool. It makes an important contribution to precision, run-out and overall tool life and productivity. A complete range of holding systems is available in modular and solid styles for the best possible flexibility and precision. Monobloc, modular, collet systems, hydraulic holders and shrinkfit clamping. Connection to all leading machine tool spindle interfaces in ISO, DIN, BT and Seco-Capto standards.