Since 1985, Harvey Tool has offered a diverse line of specialty solid carbide end mills including miniature, diamond, long reach, and long flute end mills. Tri-State cannot say enough good things about this company. Their stock is great, they have fair pricing and the customer service is excellent.

Miniature end mills: Square, ball, stub flute, corner radius, long flute. Burs, CNC Cylindrical. Variable Helix, 45° helix. Multi-flute finishing. Long reach, long reach stub flute, long reach long flute. Clearance cutters, mold cutters. Tapered. Hard milling. CBN.

Diamond: CVD. PCD.

End Mills: Undercutting. Extra, extra long. Recued shank. Plastic cutting. Drill/end mills.

Drills / Countersinks: miniature drills, coolant thru drills. Combined drills/countersinks. Spotting drills. Drill/End mills.

Other Specialty Tools: Extended reach tool holder. Runner cutters. Boring bars. Counterbores. Chamfer cutters, adjustable chamfer. Double angle shank cutters. Back deburring tools. CNC burs. Keyseat cutters, dovetail cutters, engraving cutters, threadmilling cutters.

Corner rounding end mills: concave/convex radius. 2 flute flared, 2 flute. Large radius, long reach miniature, long series. 4 flute flared, 4 flute. Diamond coated. Back corner rounders.